Everyday life products are manufactured intensive one time use only. A disposal is a product which is designed for single use only, then it has to be recycled or solid disposal waste. The fast moving life and modernization simultaneously lead towards disposal products on one’s life. Also people move towards cheapness and short-term rather than medium and long-term durability.

 This drastic revolution have been done due for rush of life or modernization, one cannot want to wash their utensils regularly and somewhere not arranged clean and set of utensils for celebration party.

 Details of Disposal Plastic Cup: 

The disposal plastic cups are generally manufactured in thermoforming technique. This is the fast replacing conventional and ceramic items. Basically it is used in ice cream industry, hotels & restaurant etc. Generally it is used in food packing or serving application. For disposal cup, raw material are used like, polypropene and polystyrene. It has taken in sheet form and thickness range are from 0.35 to 02mm are used in thermoforming machine. The disposal cups are gaining popularity due to attractive look, light weight for container, easy transportation and impermeability.


 Process of Manufacturing:

 As a raw material polypropylene/polystyrene rolls has taken in like reel form. Those reels are dragged in thermoforming plant for disposal cup production. Those reels are open at end at make as a sheet for variety of printing and pass on conveyor through heater of thermoforming machine, after getting surface warm of sheet, The heated sheet punched to form of the mould. The cups are removed or ejected from mould and then the cut pieces are wounded in scrap roller. For reuse in extruder process. The installed capacity of machine are used in 18 cavities of the mould. There 18 disposal glasses will produce at one shot. Generally peoples are taken to make 200ml glasses for using in water cup, tea/coffee etc. 3.25 gms to 3.30 gms having 200ml glass if we will take high impact polystyrene material.



 Market Potential of Disposal Cup:

 Due to the recent change in urban class and fast moving life, the demand of disposal plastic cups are growing at a rapid rate. Although it has been used in home, picnic and get together etc. due cheaper, easy transportation and modernization. Plastic disposal cups are also used in ice cream industries, due to completely leak proof and strength comparatively paper cups. In ice cream market earlier paper cups are vastly used, but due to modernization, leak proof and strength ability, plastic disposal cups replaced. Plastic cups are made on different sizes from small to large quantity carry-able material, which wasn’t possible in traditional paper cups. Besides railways, Hotels & flights are used a large quantity of this items.

Considering the above factors, the demands of plastic disposal cups are to be increased in future. 

 Few Machine Manufacturing Companies are:

 1)       M/s-K.L. Thermoformers, Delhi

2)       M/s-Sant Engineering Industries, Delhi

3)       M/s-Endson Enterprises, Delhi

 *If you are planning to do this business or start-up, please let me know my contact, so that we can guide as a better manner in details of project card.


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