PET bottles are a huge market for the material. Processing PET into bottles can take two steps depending on the application or bottle. In the first step, PET is injection molded into a “mini bottle,” complete with threads, called a pre-form. This pre-form is then reheated, stretched and blown into its final shape. While there is technology available that combines these two processes in a single step, for larger-throughput applications pre-form and bottle making are generally made in distinct steps, often by different processors.

For transparent PET pre-form mould, sometimes we would face up to with problems during pre-form molding period. Usually it would have problems like below also with solve ways.

  1. PET pre-form with bubble, it is mainly caused by not dried material and air during injection, suggest making material with drying and open air venting for molds.
  2. Surface not with good gloss, it is mainly due to mold surface not proper polishing, also with cooling earlier, it cause pre-form surface not same as mold surface, and with concave convex.
  3. Waves for pre-form, it is due to material with strong dynamic viscosity, front area the material is cold, and later material go over on the cold surface, so makes the surface with waves.
  4. Black pots on pre-form, it is mainly due to injection machine barrel, part area with over high temperature and make the material bad We offer not only PET pre-form mold, also the PET pre-form molding.

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