plastic road
plastic road for future



Today we are living with era of plastic. Peoples are also respected to this product and industries are also likely to research and development for new products, which will meet to customer requirements. But return we are destroyed our nearby area with lot of wastage. In this time these plastic garbage are more hilarious to social people, municipality & government etc.

plastic road
plastic road for future

Hence lots of organizations are involved and doing research & development for how to be used this regularly generated plastic wastage. In between KWS group of Volkes vessels is more initiative regarding to use this garbage in road to replace civil construction.

Some Key Benefits:

– Enables Quick repair
– Life expectancy 2-3 times longer than regular road
– Simple and attractive
– Good efficient
– Low cost
– Easier construction
– Better Sustainable
– Light Weight
– Contributes circular economy
– Contribution to the social problem of plastic waste (which we have been generated regularly)

What is Plastic road concept?

The plastic road is a road which is made of plastic recycle. It is prefabricated and to be hollow space for various application like, water storage, piping and cabling, generation heating etc.

Technically the life of plastic road to be three times longer than regular road, exact feature will be proven once after installed. This time it has accumulated based on the other regular products. If we will say noise of road then it could be reduction with the help of some ingredients. More widely benefits to be it is completely prefabricated by the help of molding or extrusion technique. Due to prefabricate it is always enhancing the condition quality.

Most of time it has confuses whether plastic road too smooth to provide enough traction during winter season- Yes of course plastic is not stiff enough. If needed during the formulation sand and crushed stone to be used.

Sun/UV effect exposure for prolonged or thermal expansion: In this time most of places have used plastic products in civil sector, examples scaffolding, sheet piling, bridges and light poles etc. These products have no problem have noticed yet for prolong and expansion which is effect to product and application.

Plastic road toxics in case of Fire: For fire prevention mostly will be used the components of fire retardant or fire resistance coatings to avoid flame capture.

Most of the time peoples are raised questions, whether it is bad for environment or after friction would be release dangerous gas which will impact on environment- Of course this is the plastic material which basic raw is petrochemical and if we will freely suspend in open area then never release any dangerous gas like carbon dioxide and chlorine etc. but for that more prevention might be eco-friendly coating layer to be applied.

plastic road for future
plastic road fir future

Disadvantage of Plastic Road:

Everything in this universe having advantage and disadvantage of that product, so of course when it under planning to be calculate the percentage of positive and negative. If positive is more hobby in negative, then it should be green signal for further process. Most challenging task to be collected good quality of plastic waste, availability and segregating of unique objects.


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