Glass rein-forced plastic

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), is a composite material or fiber reinforced plastic made of a plastic reinforced by fine fibers made of glass. Like carbon fiber reinforced plastic, the composite material is commonly referred to by the name of its reinforcing fibres.

Other benefits include:

  • Good weight to strength ratio
  • Good corrosion resistant
  • Good water resistant
  • may be light-weight
  • is non-conductive


  • Sail planes, Sports cars, micro cars, karts, trucks, wind turbine blades.
  • Pods, domes and architectural features where a light weight is needed
  • Bullet Proof glass
  • Roofing products
  • Protective sleeve for RF Antennas
  • Electrical enclosures
                                       (Fiber bullet proof glass & fiber body components)

Fiber bullet proof glass & bodies

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