Types of Glass Fiber


Types of glass fiber 


the most common types of glass fiber used in fiberglass is E-glass, which is alumino-borosilicate glass with less than 1% w/w alkali oxides, mainly used for glass-reinforced plastics.

Other types of glass used are A-glass (Alkali-lime glass with little or no boron oxide).

E-CR-glass (Electrical/Chemical Resistance; alumino-lime silicate with less than 1% w/w alkali oxides, with high acid resistance).

C-glass (alkali-lime glass with high boron oxide content, used for glass staple fibers and insulation).

D-glass (borosilicate glass, named for its low Dielectric constant), R-glass (alumino silicate glass without MgO and CaO with high mechanical requirements as Reinforcement), and S-glass (alumino silicate glass without CaO but with high MgO content with high tensile strength).

some common fiberglass types

Material Specific gravity Tensile strength MPa (ksi) Compressive strength MPa (ksi)
Polyester resin (Not reinforced) 1.28 55 (7.98) 140 (20.3)
Polyester and Chopped Strand Mat Laminate 30% E-glass 1.4 100 (14.5) 150 (21.8)
Polyester and Woven Rovings Laminate 45% E-glass 1.6 250 (36.3) 150 (21.8)
Polyester and Satin Weave Cloth Laminate 55% E-glass 1.7 300 (43.5) 250 (36.3)
Polyester and Continuous Rovings Laminate 70% E-glass 1.9 800 (116) 350 (50.8)
E-Glass Epoxy composite 1.99 1,770 (257)  –
S-Glass Epoxy composite 1.95 2,358 (342)  –



GRP Application:

Fiberglass is an immensely versatile material due to its light weight, inherent strength, weather-resistant finish and variety of surface textures.

Storage tanks

  • House Building components
  • Pipings:

GRP and GRE pipe can be used in a variety of above- and below-components

  • Desalination
  • Water treatment
  • Water distribution networks
  • Chemical process plants
  • Firewater
  • Hot and Cold water
  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater/sewage, Municipal waste
  • Natural gas, LPG


fiberglass uses
  • DIY bows / youth recurve; longbows
  • Pole vaulting poles
  • Equipment handles(Hammers, axes, etc.)
  • Traffic lights
  • Ship hulls
  • Rowing shells and oars
  • Waterpipes
  • Helicopter rotor blades
  • Surfboards tent poles
  • Pods, domes and architectural features where a light weight is necessary
  • High-end bicycles
  • Auto body parts, and entire auto bodies (e.g. Lotus Elan, Anadol, Reliant, Quantum Quantum Coupé, Chevrolet Corvette and Studebaker Avanti, and DeLorean DMC-12 underbody)
  • Antenna covers and structures, such as radomes, UHF broadcasting antennas, and pipes used in hex beam antennas for amateur radio communications
  • FRP tanks and vessels: FRP is used extensively to manufacture chemical equipment and tanks and vessels. BS4994 is a British standard related to this application.
  • Most commercial velomobiles
  • Most printed circuit boards consist of alternating layers of copper and fiberglass FR-4
  • Large commercial wind turbine blades
  • RF coils used in MRI scanners
  • Drum Sets
  • Sub-sea installation protection covers
  • Reinforcement of asphalt pavement, as a fabric or mesh interlayer between lifts
  • Helmets and other protective gear used in various sports
  • Orthopedic casts
  • Fiberglass grating is used for walkways on ships and oil rigs, and in factories
  • Fiber-reinforced composite columns
  • Water slides

(FRP gratings &  FRP & GRP Pipes)




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