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What is Density of plastic:

The density of a substances is generally known as mass per unit volume. And The SI unit is Kg/m3.

Mass Versus Weight:

Always there is confusion in people between mass and weight. Actually the mass of an object is referred to its weight. In the scientific concepts mass refers loosely to the amount of matter in an object. Whereas weight refers to the force exerted on an object by gravity. In the other words, an object with a mass of 1.0 kilogram with weigh approximately 9.81 newtons on the surface of the earth. (Its multiplied by the gravitational field strength), Where the object weigh will be less at Mars because there gravity is weaker, more on Saturn and negligible in space.

As of conclusion Mass is constant at anywhere in earth but weight is varied due to gravity.

Density of Variety of Plastics, PVC & Its Usage:

Table: 1

Polymer Generic Name Abbreviations Density (gm/cc) Application or Uses
Acrylic Butadiene Styrene ABS or Acrylic 1.05 – 1.10 Sheet, pipe, dolls, four wheeler body parts etc..
Cellulose Acetate CA 1.26 Synthetic fiber, Playing Card, cigarettes filters etc.
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate EVA 0.95 Electronic applications
Nylon (Polyamide) PA 1.02 – 1.08 Clothing, Fiber etc.
Polybutylene PB 0.92 Electric domestic heaters, swimming poll water filter housing, pneumatic tanks etc
Polycarbonate PC 1.20 Safety goggles, helmets, engineering used instruments etc.
Polyster PBT Polyster PBT 1.24 – 1.34 Electrical Insulators
Polyethylene terephthalate PET 1.40 Bottles, food packaging, sheets etc.
Polyetherimide PI 1.27 High temperature fuel cells, displays & various military roles.
Low Density Polyethylene LDPE 0.92 Trays, Dolls, Laboratory tubes, Plastic bags, container etc.
High Density Polyethylene HDPE 0.94 – 0.97 Plastic bottles, corrosion resistant pipes, Plastic lumber, geomembrane etc.
Polystyrene PS 1.07 Roofing, Plumbing, Packaging etc.
Polypropylene PP 0.90 Packaging, stationery, laboratory equipment, sheets, reusable containers etc.
Polysulfone PSU 1.25 Polymeric coating
Polyurethane PU 1.20 Construction coating, roofing coating etc.
Polyvinyl Chloride-Rigid PVC-Rigid 1.40 Pipes, tubes, sheets, dolls etc.
Polyvinyl Chloride-Pipe PVC-Pipe 1.44 Pipe
Polyvinyl Chloride-Flexible PVC-Flexible 1.29 Packaging, stationery etc.
Styrene Acrylonitrile SAN 1.08 Thermal insulated jugs, jars, food packaging, Fitting for Refrigerator, Storage container etc.
Thermoplastic Elastomer (Urethane) TPE 0.97 Automotive, Medical, Construction, electrical etc.
Rubber (Santoprene)   1.08 Toys, hair bend, gasket etc.
Chlorinated Polyvinylchloride CPVC 1.44 High strength Pipe
Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber EPDM 1.08 Rubber, gasket etc.
Polybutylene Terephalicate PBT 0.92 – 0.96 Insulator in electrical application
Polymethyl methacrylate PMMA 1.18 Transparent Glass, Door etc.
Polyterafluroethylene PTFE 2.20 Containers, Pipe work, Aeroplane wings, Cookware etc.
Fiber Reinforced Plastic FRP 1.74 – 1.94 Header pipe, Riser pipe, sheets, gratings etc.
Glass Reinforced Plastic GRP 1.90 – 1.95 Header pipe, Riser pipe, sheets, gratings etc.

 Desity of Plastic

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